Over the last few years, S&SHIS has found it increasingly difficult to recruit suitably qualified staff, with the drive and determination to provide the exemplary level of service our customers expect and deserve.

This, along with the fact that a good proportion of our qualified and experienced staff have been retiring or are near retirement age, has driven the organisation to look at alternative ways to bring new talent into the organisation.

The introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017, financially enabled us to start effectively ‘growing our own workforce’ for the future and we got off to a flying start. We recruited our first two apprentices, who were so focused and hard-working that we were happy to recruit them both into permanent posts within a few short months. Read their stories below. We have since recruited a further ten apprentices, eight of which are now in permanent roles within S&SHIS and one is due to start their apprenticeship with us shortly.

As a result of this initial success, we made the decision to replicate this process each year, ensuring that we build a highly skilled and suitably qualified workforce to best support our valued Customers in the future.

The S&SHIS Work Experience programme is the initial step for prospective applications to the Apprenticeship programme. Interested candidates who can demonstrate an interest in all things IT are encouraged to submit an application for some work experience with our IT Teams in Trentham. Once approved, a commencement date is arranged and a varied plan of activities for their week is set.

The Work Experience programme was put on hold for nearly 3 years during covid and the period after. However, we are now starting to welcome Work Experience students back into the workplace. Prior to and post covid we have provided placements for between 16 and 20 students, at least six of these are now in permanent roles within S&SHIS (three of which completed an apprenticeship before being permanently recruited).

Work experience is the perfect opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding, as well as providing applicants with an insight into our organisation and culture, which has proven to be extremely helpful in accessing the Apprenticeship programme at both the application stage and interviews.